Case Study

Case Study

Multi Family Real Estate

Fairmont management has a portfolio of multi-family real estatate properties. We’ve provided branding, web development and digital marketing for each property as they have grown from properties evaluated at $5,000,000 into $50,000,000 properties.

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Brand Identity

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The Situation

As Fairmont managment expanded their portfolio of properties, they needed to have recognizable branding for each property as well as a reliable way to bring in consistent leads to new tennants. 

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The Challenge

Create a recognizable brand identity for each property. Develop a style guide with a palette of colors for use in marketing materials, signage, web development and newly upgraded facilities.

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Case Study

Overarching Challenge

Without a way to generate leads on the internet, the business may have difficulty reaching new tenants and expanding its rental base. This is because many renters now turn to the internet as their primary source for information about apartments and rental properties.

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Case Study

The Cost

A business that specializes in multi-family real estate without a recognizable brand identity may struggle to attract and retain tenants, as renters are more likely to trust and remember companies with a strong and consistent image.

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Case Study

The Solution

Create a recognizable brand identity for each property. Employ a digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, listing services, social media marketing and reputation management. All lead sources are driven back to the website.

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